Best Paper Awards

CS Track

Hierarchical Quality-Diversity for Online Damage Recovery
Maxime Allard, Simón Smith, Konstantinos Chatzilygeroudis, Antoine Cully

ECOM Track

Local Ranking Explanation for Genetic Programming Evolved Routing Policies for Uncertain Capacitated Arc Routing Problems
Shaolin Wang, Yi Mei, Mengjie Zhang

EML Track

Absumption based on Overgenerality and Condition-Clustering based Specialization for XCS with Continuous-Valued Inputs
Hiroki Shiraishi, Yohei Hayamizu, Hiroyuki Sato, Keiki Takadama

EMO Track

The (1+( , )) Global SEMO Algorithm
Benjamin Doerr, Omar El Hadri, Adrien Pinard

ENUM + Theory Tracks

Crossover for Cardinality Constrained Optimization
Tobias Friedrich, Timo Kötzing, Aishwarya Radhakrishnan, Leon Schiller, Martin Schirneck, Georg Tennigkeit, Simon Wietheger

GA Track

Simple Genetic Operators are Universal Approximators of Probability Distributions (and other Advantages of Expressive Encodings)
Elliot Meyerson, Xin Qiu, Risto Miikkulainen

GECH Track

Theory-inspired Parameter Control Benchmarks for Dynamic Algorithm Configuration
André Biedenkapp, Nguyen Dang, Martin Krejca, Frank Hutter, Carola Doerr

GP Track

Evolvability Degeneration in Multi-Objective Genetic Programming for Symbolic Regression
Dazhuang Liu, Marco Virgolin, Tanja Alderliesten, Peter Bosman

NE + SBSE Tracks

Evolutionary Neural Cascade Search across Supernetworks
Alexander Chebykin, Tanja Alderliesten, Peter Bosman

RWA Track

Learning the Characteristics of Engineering Optimization Problems with Applications in Automotive Crash
Fu Xing Long, Bas van Stein, Moritz Frenzel, Peter Krause, Markus Gitterle, Thomas Bäck