Schedule at a Glance

The schedule at a glance of GECCO 2022 appears in Boston's time zone (UTC/GMT-4, Eastern Daylight Time).

The conference program with a detailed schedule is available for download (PDF). Last updated: July 9, 2022.

Every GECCO-2022 attendee is invited to the Koza reception on Sunday evening, July 10, 18:00-20:00 Eastern Time, live or via Zoom. Details in this pdf.

Details about the ERC Programmes for Funding the Best Research on Wednesday, July 13, 09:00-10:20 Eastern Time are in this pdf.

If you notice an issue with the booklet, please use this form to report it.

Please note that we are working on improvements, and the program should be complete in the next few days. However, the schedule is unlikely to change, and please use the program as a guide for the schedule.

For your convenience, we provide here the equivalent time in a few selected major cities around the world:

  • For New York (USA), same as Boston.
  • For Toronto (Canada), same as Boston.
  • For Chicago/Houston (USA), please subtract 1 hour.
  • For Los Angeles/San Francisco (USA), please subtract 3 hours.
  • For Vancouver (Canada), please subtract 3 hours.
  • For Paris (France)/Madrid (Spain)/Frankfurt (Germany), please add 6 hours.
  • For London (UK)/Lisbon (Portugal), please add 5 hour.
  • For Sao Paulo (Brazil), please add 1 hour.
  • For New Delhi (India), please add 9 and a half hours.
  • For Sydney/Melbourne (Australia), please add 14 hours.
  • For Shanghai/Beijing (China), please add 12 hours.
  • For Taipei (Taiwan), please add 12 hours.
  • For Tokyo ( Japan), please add 13 hours.
  • For Johannesburg/Cape Town (South Africa), please add 6 hours.
  • For Wellington (New Zealand), please add 16 hours.